They were the dark years, the years of the war, the years in which people lived in a terror atmosphere. They were the years in which everyone wanted to help their own country. Years in which people fought for the freedom of our country. Years which are unforgettable, years that now are described in school’s books, but they are still alive and clear in the memories of who survived. They were the years in which everything started for the Zanatta family.

In 1946 the Zanatta family which is originally from Nervesa della Battaglia (Italy) decided to take a new street to help their country. An uphill street, a street full of obstacles, a street which no one knew the destination, the aim, a street which would have feed their passion for shoes. Everything started in a small shop in which worked only the members of the family. By years the request of their accurate creations increased and consequently also their little shop developed.

At the end of the war the economy context of Italy changed and people looked at the flowering of the economy, at the time of rising, at the passion for shoes which between the hands of the Zanatta family continued to grow. The second generation of shoes makers walked slowly and carried in the hands the tradition of their parents.

In 1998 took place the third generation and in that year the brothers Anna, Marco and Luca sons of Ambrosiano Zanatta bought the Asolo brand. A brand which respected their values as men and shoes makers. In fact, Asolo was founded in 1975 by the Tanzi family which created something innovative, something which changed not only the market, but also the way of looking at the outdoor world, they invented the first mountaineering boots with the cordura material.

Marco and Luca who represent the third generation of shoes makers and owners of Asolo together with the sister Anna.

The commitment of the Zanatta family, which till now count four generation of shoes makers, has the goal to find the perfect tuning between tradition, which is handed down from generation to generation, and innovation.


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